Maximum amount of tables?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what the maximum amount of tables is that you can create in one Glide App and what the maximum amount of rows and columns is within a single table?
(I am using the free version if that would make a difference)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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There probably is a technical limit to the number of tables & columns, but I have no idea what it is.
In practical terms, I’d expect that it is way more than you would ever need.
I have Apps with more than 100 tables, and more than 1000 columns.

When it comes to rows, there is a limit which is determined by your plan. On the free plan, that limit is 500 rows per project.


Hi, you mention 500 rows per project.
Does this mean I have to count all rows in all tabs? So 1 tab with 400 rows and one tab with 101 rows (in the same google sheet) is too much?
Do I get a warning then?

In my project, I added a new tab and in Glide, only 10 rows are displayed BUT these are random, not the first 10 rows in that new tab. Very strange…

Yes, any tables in use by the project would have all rows in those tables counted. So in your example, you would have a total of 501 rows as long as both of those tables are being used by the app. With google sheets, it seems like it randomly restricts the rows that are brought into glide. I haven’t really understood how or why. I’ve even had a project that was within usage limits but still did not bring in all of the google sheet rows. Somehow it eventually cleared up.

The selective random rows makes it really hard to start building a project. I still have an App project in the My Apps folder. In anticipation of it eventually moving to a team folder, I wanted to start rebuilding it as a Page project. My google sheet has 10k+ rows, so most tables get stripped down to only 10 random rows per table. With so many missing rows, I don’t have enough data to start building a fully functional page project. Many components and screens just won’t show due to missing data. Then I got an email that I’ve exceeded storage limits, even though my original App is within limits. Fearing that it would start deleting files, I scrapped the whole attempt. At this point, I’m just going to wait until everything migrates to team folders.

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Thanks Jeff for your answer.
I can look for a solution now :slight_smile: