Get names to the App:Logins tab

Hello Gliders,

I was wondering if it was possible to get the name of a given user when he/she sign in for the first time. My app has the Sign in setting at “Public”, however if users want to save favorites for example, they are requested to sign in. An automatic tab has been created called "App: Logins but it only contains two columns: time & email. Is it possible to have a third column with the name of the person signing in (it should be possible right? as users are required to insert his/her name before inserting email).

Thanks again for your help @david

Hi corealex,

Other Gliders, feel free to correct me but in my experience, only when users comment or chat, their name would display in my sheet.

It’s possible that only when an action needs to involve the specific name of the user, the name would be there for you. Signing in or favorites can be attributed to the email and don’t need to get the name involved, for example.

Ok I understand, but still it would be useful to get the name of the user into the Apps: Login when they sign up to the app (for example I wanted to set up a Zapier that would take the info from the Apps:Login list and subscribe the user to a Mailchimp List including the full name of the contact). For marketing purposes customization it’s important as it is not the same to send a campaign or newsletter that starts with “Hello user” instead of “Hello Alex” for example :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!


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That makes sense, Alex. Hopefully your request can be considered. Have a nice day!

You too @ThinhDinh have a nice day and if anyone knows how to solve this please do not hesitate to reply!

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