Free user vs. Premium user

I am having a problem with my inline list for free users. My inline list for free vs. premium features is not working. I’ve watched to premium and free versions over and over again and am following the directions. I can see the features for the premium features in my app when logged in as a premium user, but when I am logged in as a free user, none of my free features are appearing. I don’t know where I am making the mistake in the filter or visibility condition. HELP!

Can you show us some screenshots of your settings? Thank you.

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Free Inline List

Premium Inline List

I also posted the Free Inline list settings in this thread.

Do you actually have the value of false in the Premium column, or is it blank? Do you have ‘false’ vs ‘False’?

Hi Jeff. No I don’t. In the premium column, the features that are premium are checked and those that are free are not. Would you like me to send the screenshot of that as well?

try changing your filter to ‘is not true’ instead of ‘is false’. It might be storing a blank behind the scenes.

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No change. I still cannot see the free features when logged in as a free user.

It did appear when I changed the visibility to Premium is “Blank” or when I did not put anything in the box as shown below. Is this a possibility or will it cause problems in the app later?

I would think ‘is not true’ is the better way to go. It could be possible that the underlying value is later changed to have ‘false’ if you check and uncheck the box. It’s just better practice to avoid any future issues.

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I got it! In the Filter, I entered Premium is Empty therefore when the free user is logged in, only the free features can be seen and vice versa for the when the premium users are logged in.

I have concerns about using ‘is Empty’. Just for my sanity, can you try checking the box for one of the free items and then uncheck it again. Then see if it still shows in the list for free users.

The point I’m getting at is that it could be possible that the free items could potentially be marked as blank(empty) or ‘false’. In that case, it might be working now, but could unknowingly break in the future. Premium is not true is just safer in the long run. Also if you are viewing the app outside of the editor, you need to make sure you reload the app so it has your latest changes. That may or may not be why you didn’t see a change when trying ‘is not true’ before.


I agree “is not True” should be the way to go. It has been said many times in this forum that a newly added row may not honour a checkbox settings in your Sheet, so it sees a blank value instead of a False like what many people would have expected.

“is not True” cover both cases and will always give the right result.


Ok. I’ll try it. Thanks.