Free push notifications Workaround

You can use a dynamic response as well, use if formulas or vlookups. Hell, you could even make the submit button in glide submit the data you want transmitted in any format you want.

Gotcha…scripts. I chose Integromat instead, actually. I already had a pro account. If I knew more about scripting, perhaps I wouldn’t have to. Thanks for the recommendation.

I’d still love to see even a rough screen recording of how you set this up. I don’t know enough about scripting to get it working without a more in-depth explanation. Any help is appreciated!


desperately need the vid. thx.

Heres a real quick video. When I get some more time I will submit a more in depth video for you.


Tried it on 02 in the U.K. recipient charged 30p. So probably not a good idea in the U.K. unless carrier offers the service for free. Sifting through so many would be a task.

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If WhatsApp notifications are something any of you looking for, hit me up! All these projects of mine send WhatsApp notifications.
Service Requests
Task Assignment
Project Management



Huge thank you for providing all the information and video !
Quick message for the people living in France. Is it working for you ? The mail to sms does not seems to work with french operator. I even tried within a basic e-mail message. Would apreciate yo have any feedback on it !

Sounds like a good idea.

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Do you not pay for WhatsApp and their services?

Unformtuantely I do not know any outside of North America, if could message me your phone number I can try it using my setup and if it works we will know if its your setup or the carrier.

I checked your task management app. Good job. In fact very good job. Your getting a script to forward all the whatsApp notifications. Ive read some of the threads on this posted by you. Most ppl in Europe use whatsApp. Gonna give it a try. Very helpful. Tx

Mannan just a quick query. Did you combine node.js code with another application that I will not name to trigger directly from the sheet. I know that you used a script but did this person who helped you use node.js codes as well. Thank you.

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Okay here is a free carrier lookup link

How about Maldives

Has anyone had any joy finding the sms gateway for o2 UK? That seems to be the only one stopping me from being able to implement this into my apps!

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I’m trying to find the and gateway for IL operators with no luck. This is such a cool solution and I really want to use it …
Did anyone find a good store that actually show the whole operators info?

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I will see what I can dig up for you guys.


Here is o2 in UK

Do you by chance know what the IL in IL operators full words are, what do they stand for?

I believe it stands for Israel.