Flickering when loading

hi Im just testing my app but for some reason it flickers when loading the page

I don’t see any flickering when it loads.
Tested with Chrome on MacOS.

Seems fine for me. Chrome/Android.

The picture loads a box then the file

Sorry, I don’t understand. I didn’t click on anything after it loaded. I just opened the page and waited until it finished loading. As I said, I didn’t notice any flickering.

Is there something specific I need to do or look for?

The loading of the overall page is fine - just the profile pic has a slight delay and a grey box come up first before it fully loads - ive ried on different browsers and the fone i still see it

go on the programme page its not as snappy theres a few seconds delay unless that is normal

It seems fine.

The only thing I noticed is that when you click on any of the collection items on that page, there is a (very) slight delay before the title image loads on the details screen. But this is normal, and only happens the first time. After that, the image has been cached and it loads instantly.

How big are your images?
You might be able to improve the initial load time by sizing them down a bit. As a general rule, I try and keep all images under about 600k.

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Great thanks

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