Loooooong delay in opening the app

My app’s URL: https://fromthepoolside.glideapp.io

Every time I open my app on my iphone, the delay is really long before the home screen appears, up to 20 seconds… I have about 345 rows so it’s not that massive a database to load. How can I improve the performance?

@Stephanie_Bonnet tried it in Denmark. Only a few seconds load time.

Do you have very large images in the app?

All images are hyperlinks so that shuldn’t be an issue? I do have a video on the home page, could that be it? I’ll remove it to test.

Images need to be fetched. Large images takes long time. But again. No problem at my side

Just tested and definitely opens faster without the video. Will have to find anothr way to make it available to people. Thanks for having had a look.

I also noticed that if you have a large Animated GIF as the background to the login screen, load time is exponentially longer.

Beautiful app and theme color. Works/loads just fine in Canada. Just less than a sec of load time. I think it might be your logo.

Works fine here in Vietnam, Stephanie.