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Hi everybody,
In my app, new users are invited to fill out an account creation form on their first visit. A formula makes it possible to display or not an image on the home page if the visitor has not yet created his account. Everything works well but the display time of the home page is very long.
It takes 2 minutes 30 seconds (Between 00:00:49 and 00:02:18) for this page to appear (see the video made in real time).
Have I made a mistake ? Is there a way to improve that ?
You can test it :

@Olivier_Gibier - I just logged in and everything loaded fine for me. Probably 5 or 6 second load time from putting the pin in. Perhaps other people can test

Thank’s for your test, i’d like other people test if possible.

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I just logged in and everything is fine…:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank’s for your feedback.

I made my first tests on my computer. I want to do another test on my phone but i’m already loggeg in, how to disconnect ?

Works perfect here !! 4 seconds for image with the + to disappear

May I ask how have you done it ?? Thanks !!

I added 2 columns :

Column Q :

Column R contain the name of the register’s user


I opened here, in Brazil, and it´s blank screen for a while. In truth, didn’t open nothing untill now. Perhaps Brazil’s location don´t help to do this because server’s delay or something else.

Thank you for your help. It took 2 minutes and 30 secondes for me in France.

Interesting. Based on your video the delay is after the pin is entered and when the filter by logged in email is applied. It’s not when the user actually puts in his name.

Technically it is not a Home page refresh issue but a Home page initialization/show issue. For me it only took a few seconds like the others so it could be a server location and internet connection thing going on. I’m in the US and have a very high speed connection.

I just make another test : 1 minute and 20 secondes from my computer in France.
Impossible to wait so long for users. How can I improve the thing?

Merci beaucoup !!

In Denmark - around 8 seconds load time in Glide builder from putting the pin in. Using a 80 Mbps connection.

After I submitted my information and was returned to the main screen, it only took 2 seconds for me . I’m in Los Angeles, California.