First Magic Link eMail (with PIN) delayed

Hi all, my app allows private users only and upon first-time login, it will trigger a PIN to be sent to them via email. However, users generally need to wait 3-5 minutes (ended up in junk mailbox but that doesn’t matter) which is too long by today’ standard. Is it an expected behaviour?

I tried logging out and triggered new magic link email a few times - it turned out all subsequent emails were sent almost instantly.

No, I don’t believe so. Nor is that typical.

A good way to test is to use a dummy mailinator address with a public inbox. If the PIN arrives in the mailinator inbox without delay (which it should), then that would suggest there isn’t a problem on the Glide side of things.


If it is a business app, I would put the sender addresses on the whitelist in the IT department of the respective company. Depending on the spam filter, this often speeds up the checking process or prioritizes the relevant domains.


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