First App!

I have thought about making an app like this for a while - one that showcases the art available in Ramona, CA. When I came across Glide I thought I would take a dive:

I scrapped most of the data from the website. If I wanted to go forward with this and make it more public I would change a few things (verify and amend the data, change the way I structured the Google sheet, some layout choices, adding other art categories, upgrade to a payed plan to get more map locations, etc…).

The only real issue I have for now is with the map part. It always homes to San Fransisco when I first open it (even though there are no addresses there), and some of the locations where OpenMaps puts pins are not accurate (clicking through to AppleMaps or Google go to the right locations).

Oh, and I read somewhere that turning a glide app into an IOS or Android native app is happening someday?? That I would pay for!

So, any initial feedback is appreciated.


Firstly, well done and congrats on finishing this step of the project!

I think for this kind of app, the map layout is the go-to choice, I would add a distance column to show the closest ones to the signed-in user first.

For locations, I would use coordinates, if you have those.


I agree with Thinh. I do think your mini mural layout should use a larger image size. It does look clunky. I think this is because the words underneath are cutoff and just as prominent as the images. BUt again, congrats on your 1st app, welcome to Glide:)

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What I really want to do is put all of the “types” of art (mural, mini-mural, galleries, public, etc…) on one page (looking mostly like the Murals page) but with a filter at top to choose the type. It would be nice to have that filter use radio buttons instead of just the filter icon, but don’t think that is something that is possible?

Thank you for the feedback. Like I said I would first restructure and cleanup the data in sheet and start from scratch if I go forward with this, but I feel like it is a good POC (proof of concept and proof of capability) for now.

You can do that, create a choice component that has the different choices and when one is selected it takes whichever inline list matches and makes it visible and the other not visible. So both inline lists exist on the same page.

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Have a look at this :arrow_down: There is a lot on here which may help

See, i really need to read other posts. I never know if there is something to reference other than mine. I read posts to help but I dont read tutorials or other posts that people were already helped, I check to see if it is resolved and if so I just move on. Maybe skim posts less and read more.

Great (but not at all obvious!). Implemented it and cleaned some things up. Maybe it is ready to show it to others locally and see if it has any legs.

What about why the map defaults to somewhere near the corner of Market and the 101 in the SF Bay area on my phone? I guess I will worry about that later.

Thank you all again for the feedback and pointers!

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Following on from your original thread.

Here is some information about publishing to App Store etc - this is complex.

If you are having issues with address pins you may want to look at this

Glide is continually rolling out native solutions for building apps but occasionally you do need to think outside of the box and seek out a ‘way to do things’ that’s the beauty of this community, someone is always here to help

Good luck with your app :+1: