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Hi! I’m Ana, from Portugal. Nice to meet you all!

I don’t usually take part in communities at all, but I think I might really benefit from taking in all sorts of guidance here.

Since 2021 I’ve been trying to make a “lightbulb moment” into a thing. The thing being an app. And me, being a non-technical person in this field I’ve been tumbling and turning, trying desperately to hold onto something that will turn my vision into reality. And here I was, thinking it might be simple, since so many people are doing it these days. Eventually I turned to no-code tools and two days ago I feel like I struck a very precious unrefined mineral by discovering Glide.

In a fever dream of a day, I managed to make my Airtable database look like an app for mobile and web. It worked!!! Well… kinda. You see, there’s a ton to refine, and I’m not entirely sure if it is solely due to my weak grasp of the tool or if some of the features I’m thinking of are actually beyond what Glide offers so far.

So here’s a question to kick off what I think will very likely be my proof of concept: I really wanted to make the app work seamlessly on both mobile and web, hence I chose that from the two options given when creating a new app. I wanted the landing page to be a map that’d show all the different available places. The map provided by Glide is from mapbox, which frankly, I’m not terribly familiar with. But for some reason, only very few places show up on the map and most of them show up in an entirely wrong location. What can I do to fine tune the locations? On Airtable I had an extention for a Google Map which I fetched using my Google Cloud API’s. (That sentence probably sounded really wrong to someone who is proficient in these things and it’s really telling of how much I’m a n00b at this). Can I somehow use that here in a different way? I feel like I’m missing something massive and crucial.

Thank you for reading my post all the way. You rock!

Be sure to use GPS coordinates over street addresses whenever possible.

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Can’t believe how quick that was. Thank you so much @Robert_Petitto ! I’ve been enjoying your tutorials a lot and hopefully they will start clicking more and more as I work with all the features on Glide. You’re a lifesaver! :pray:

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Happy to help!

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