Map displaying in error

My app’s URL:

The first image displays a map correctly on the desktop once “Today” is selected from the menu bar. The second image shows how it displays on mobile. There’s an additional error on the desktop version where Pico Arepa does not display location correctly at the map level, but does so at the detail level.

Based on other similar errors I’ve come across, I feel like Glide may possibly pull location data from an associated website? Not sure why the addresses on mobile are so wildly off, but it could be where the websites are hosted from? Any help is much appreciated!


it is zoomed out

i zoomedin it looked right

It’s simply showing the incorrect addresses…?


did you use the same coordinates

Yes, it’s the same data - just one is how it looks inside glideapps and the other is the mobile webapp

in your map componenet set the zoom to far and send a screenshot please

Are you using addresses or coordinates? Can you share one that is showing incorrectly?

Addresses - are coordinates recommended? Most all of the breweries are displaying mapbox’s incorrectly on mobile, but they are showing correctly inside of Glide. Strange… I’ll try coordinates.

I don’t know why it does that. Coordinates are faster, since the addresses don’t have to be geocoded on the fly, they are obviously more accurate, and there is no limit on free apps.

Can you share an address that’s not working to see if it’s just formatted incorrectly?

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Actually never mind, I was pointing at the wrong “location” cell in that sheet, fixed it by using the list relation. Thanks for taking a look!

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