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Hey Glide community -

Where can I figure out the best way to format addresses so they show up in Glide maps? I’m making an app as an information repository for an upcoming trip and want to show attractions on a map. Half of them aren’t showing up on the map (but you can see them in other data views).

Here’s an example address that isn’t showing up on the map specifically:
Helvetiastrasse 16, 3000 Bern, Switzerland

I found this as one way to potentially fix this issue but I’m using Airtable, not Sheets. Just looking for a simple manual input solution for correct formatting:

this is the most advanced one:

no need for connecting Google Sheets to Glide, it will show correctly on Glide Map component :wink:

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Typically, using coordinates is more reliable than using an address. Unfortunately, Mapbox is not the best at geocoding addresses into points on a map. The script in that medium post returns latitude and longitude coordinates in the end, so if you can acquire these coordinates, then you can place them in a column in your table and set the map to use the coordinates column as the address.

There are several ways to get the coordinates, but if you want to do it manually, then you can search the address in Google maps and then pull the coordinates out of the url.


Thanks @Uzo and @Jeff_Hager - Stripping the lat/long from Google Maps did the trick for me for now!


you are very welcome! let me know if you need more advanced solution :wink:

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