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Hi there,
I am wondering on what basis glide charges 10x more yearly costs (999$ when the app store fee is 99$ per year), on top of paying glide the monthly subscription money for the pro version?
10x more to me seems excessive but if there is an explanation for it I would like to hear it.

If I were to guess…and this is only a guess…it’s that a human Glide employee is needed to create, manipulate, and maintain the separate google and ios versions of the app for publishing…along with any updates you make that would require republishing to each app store. As I see it, it’s more of a support contract to have a Glide employee assist in initial publishing and each update thereafter. I think of it like paying for an additional employee for your company for only $999.

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Yes, Apple has a few more employees than we do!

Over 90% of the people who inquire to publish their app to the App Store are trying to publish an app that is clearly prohibited by Apple’s guidelines. This wastes our time and jeopardizes Glide’s relationship with Apple. We want to ensure that you actually have a need to publish to the App Store, and are not merely trying to publish a frivolous app, or a scam.

App Store apps should be for legitimate business purposes. Apple has rejected millions of apps and permanently banned hundreds of thousands of developers who’ve submitted illegitimate, fraudulent, or sneaky apps. Publishing to App Stores is a serious process that requires attention to detail and perseverance.

When you publish a Glide app to the App Store, a real person in our company has to spend a few hours on it, emailing you and collecting information from you. To be honest, even at this price, we do not think it is a worthwhile use of our time.

Also, Apple charges $99/year for access to their developer program. This is not the price of publishing an app to the App Store–any developer can publish an unlimited number of apps. You also have to build the app, which usually costs tens of thousands of dollars. You also need to buy a Mac. So, we think $999/year is incredibly cheap.


Am I missing something?

As far as I know publishing apps in the AppStore is not available at the moment, right?

Where is that supposed 999 $ / year coming from?


No it’s now available yet, but it’s been brought up a few times here and there in the community and in questionnaires from Glide.

You can see it here.

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@david I believe the $999 price is fair and very reasonable.

We need some more information regarding the process and overall management of the app and how it works within glide. Will there be some more concrete details coming?


$999 one-time or per year is quite expensive. For what I have.

Thank you for clarifying. Now the 999 dollar per year make more sense.

Is there yet a date for when this option becomes available?

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David, do you foresee a time when Glide will offer this $999 option to help publish a Glide app to the Apple app store?

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