Any insights on native app publishing coming this fall?

Hi @david

Any insights into when we should expect this? Early fall, mid fall, late fall?


Any more info? Coming soon?

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It is available in Private Beta:


@David This is exciting! So naturally I have a few questions:

  • We pay the subscription fee and then what’s the next step?
  • How do app updates work?
  • Will stripe payments still work? Zapier integrations?
  • When do you think I can transition the app to MY developer account? Still coming this Fall?
  • What happens if our app users go beyond 25K rows?
  • Just want to clarify that only our business branding will show both in the App Store and app itself?

So grateful for this feature. This is the one I have been waiting for all this time.

Hi @david

Just want to follow up to see if there is any plans to still streamline app publishing this fall?

I guess I was looking for something a little bit more along the lines of this from Glide:

I know I am not the only one awaiting this request as the App Store publishing is the highest voted feature

I’m curious to see how many people pay the apple annual fee and the google 1 time fee. I’m also curious is if we publish these as pro apps and change it to private app does it affect the already published app in the stores. Most of those apps require more than just browser data. I guess I’m curious what all comes with the distribution version of our apps to the stores in comparison to what we have now? And if they will be sized back down and with glide branding is it a possibility that Glide will be publishing our apps through their acct on our behalf to avoid the additional cost of their base? I guess we have a lot of questions to answer.

Man, I’ve lost so many customers just because my glide app is not available on play store. Don’t have the words to express my pain.

We’re working on it. It will cost at least $99/mo per app to start, to make sure only customers with a business need to publish to the store will do it.

9 out of 10 of the people who apply to publish to stores are publishing a broken/junk app that would be rejected. We are overwhelmed with demand for app store publishing from people whose apps will be rejected.


I love that, I’m quoting that. “9 out of 10 of the people who apply to publish to stores are publishing a broken/junk app that would be rejected.” LMAO honesty is real :slight_smile:

The “junk” was my favorite part.

Apple charges $99 a year and android charges a 1 time fee of $25.

Have you tried to explain to them that providing a web app is a lot better in the sense it doesn’t require device permissions (no privacy issues or data mining performed), the phone doesn’t have to have a minimum spec requirement to run the app just as fast as a flagship phone, it can be installed on their PC or MAC as well, and takes minimal space on any device running it, the app can be shared via the built in QR code which is faster than dedicated apps that require you find them on the store, and because it is Glide and because it is a web app you can currently scale it to a larger screen and soon will be able to scale that larger screen into something even better? Now I ask you why would you want an outdated dedicated app again?


Sorry, there are people that want to share their app with the world. Glide is an excellent platform, and I love it, but most people building apps need them to reach a worldwide audience after spending so much time and effort building them, just to share with people within your network seems like a waste of time. I upgrade from the free plan to paid plan but had to revert back to the free plan as I could only see money come from my account on a monthly basis and nothing coming in. Not being able to publish my works to the app store and google play causes me to look at numerous other similar platforms, such as appgyver, adalo and a few others. Being able to publish works as native apps on the App Store and play store is critical and it makes good business sense

I understand.

It’s important to understand that if nobody is using your app, it’s usually not because it’s not in the app store — most apps in the app store don’t get any adoption.


go to and have it build your app using what you made here and set it up on the android store, samsung store, and windows store. its free to use.