How can I publish my Glide apps to the Google Play?

Hi, I created my app on Glide and now I want to publish it to the Google Play, but can’t find how to do it. Maybe somebody help me?

I tried the Kodular way suggested by @Bahadir_Kaya
Really thankful to him that I was able to reach the APK creation successfully.
You can try that. It’s explained in detail on this post.

Still facing the problem of publishing as google play is pointing to some errors.
Not sure how to fix that. @Bahadir_Kaya any pointers on this?

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In google play upload, you can deny the errors and, They will share on play store. I did again lastweek.

But if you now when crash happens. We can try to solve this. Is that about, back button?

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Hey @Bahadir_Kaya you are right, I left it as is for a week, and it got published. Superb!
I am just facing one last issue, the app is hanging sometimes and sometimes taking too long to get the data when loaded from the APK. Also, it’s asking for signup everytime, so basically the cache is not being stored.
Vs/ when I run it from my browser, it is running super fast and I just need to sign up the first time.

Any idea, how can this be resolved?

You can also try


I also recommend that you use to publish your app on the different stores.

Note: You don’t have push or native functionality.


@jabid @nocodefarmer
While using the PWA builder, the address bar keeps showing on the top of the app. IT says to remove it, we need to put in a file in the root directory, which in my understanding is not accessible in glideapps. Any workaround on that?

Finally the app got published on playstore using the kodular technique, but now it’s getting hanging half the times during initial loading. Have you faced similar issues with Kodular? Also, it’s asking for signing in each time.

Still in testing? The link does not work.

That’s an old post. Last year glide chose not to pursue app store publishing, so no, it’s not available natively and not something that’s currently being tested.