I want to publish my app on Google Play Store

Can you guys help me with this task? :smiling_face_with_tear:
I mean, who better to test a glide app than the glide community, right?

It’s a 14-day test with a minimum of 20 testers. I have no idea if the duration of the test matters with respect to cumulative time (minutes/hours) but since my app is super simple, i think it’ll be an easy task - maybe a couple minutes each day.

My app is basically a listing app for services and events. It also has a section where you can read a poem or short story.

If you are willing to help with this, I would need your email address to submit to Google.

Looking forward to your responses. :grin:

Edit: Changed the title since no one here seems to want to test my boring app :joy:

It’s being reviewed on the Google Play Console… How is it that Google Play can view my app in both light and dark color modes?

Seems they got screenshots before most of the images loaded.

This is a similar view of the actual screen:

The share link buttons do not work on my Glide app that was published to the Amazon app store and I’m seeing that it currently isn’t working on the Google Play test version either.

It seems to be a common problem with PWA/PWS apps in app stores… Anyone dealt with this before and has a solution?

Update: It took a almost a month and a half but my Glide app was finally published to the Google Play Store. If anyone has any questions about the process, just let me know.

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Hello Sekayi Liburd,

I’d like to know more about the publishing process on Google Play. Could you let me know? Thank you.

Sure! @Shein These are the steps I followed, although if you can avoid the 3rd party service for the 1st step then avoid it…

  1. Package app as .aab file - Google requires this file type and no longer allows uploading of .apk files.
    For this step I paid for the services of www.webtonative.com - If you have the software to package the app yourself, do that instead because the file you receive from webtonative has some of the build elements locked on their servers. This means that you’d be unable to edit certain things in android studio afterwards, which is a royal pain. Right now I want to change the app’s play store splash screen but it’s tied the .aab build so I’d have to pay an extra $9 to change it through webtonative.

  2. Create a Google Play Developer Account - be ready beforehand with 2 forms of national identification that BOTH have your names written identically and one with your address which needs to be the same address entered in your initial account set-up. Be careful with this because everything needs to be consistent for them to verify you. I don’t believe using an ID that says John Anton Doe can be verified by another ID that says John A. Doe.

I followed iRekha’s videos throughout the process, which was super helpful (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9sU_aGeQEY&t=1127s). I suggest you follow her advice on how to draft your Privacy Policy as well because it worked for me… The online policy generators were wayyyy too wordy, convoluted and added things that didn’t apply to my app into the policy! :x:

  1. Find 20 people to test your app for 14 days continuously. - You will need them for the mandatory closed testing. I suggest finding people you know so that you can remind them regularly to open and use the app. Please note that your Google play console actually records the apps usage everyday so if the testers don’t actually use the app, it’ll show up in your statistics and you might have to redo the testing period.

  2. Begin closed testing. - refer to iRekha’s videos again if needed.

  3. Apply for production access. - In the post-testing questioneer, I recommend word counts >200 to answer requests for descriptions or explanations.

  4. Publish your app. - If you are granted production access, go ahead and create your release by promoting your app from the closed test to production. Since your app is PWA, you shouldn’t need to rebuild a new .aab file since everything will be current as you update in the Glide editor - unless you want a new splash screen from webtonative or something like that. :laughing:

Good luck!


Nice to know, it’s a PWA after all.

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Thank you for your reply, Sekayi Liburd. It’s detailed and I think I’ll be able to do the first step myself. I’ll post the details here. Thank you very much for your reply.

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