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I tried to use the webview in thunkable (20$) to publish in google play and apple store… and seems working. overall we can have push notifications , that can be really useful to.

Someone else allredy tried it, or another way to publish it?


I’m interested in trying to publish to the Google Play Store. Has it still been working out for you? I’m trying to research now to see if anyone has successfully published to either the iOS App store or the Android Play store.

A word of warning from the glide team

“Publishing a Glide app to app stores is a very complex feature that we are building right now, with a dedicated engineering team. It will not work if you do it yourself —please do not ask us for help doing this on your own, it is completely unsupported”



I have some apps on the store coded as a website (Mobile-First Responsive) and I use webview or PWA to transform website into an app.

I am a newbie on Glide but after several days of use, I find it extremely powerful to create new apps.

So, I’m actually trying to publish glide app on app store and google play. I do it with Expo

I’m working in local. It works fine, except login who has some troubles (minors bugs).

On IOS, when you open the app, the web browser also opens with a new blank page. Except that bug, my app works perfectly.

Sorry for my bad english :wink:

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@Chicotagada That link is pretty spam and malware heavy. Can you please remove it.

Oh, sorry. Done !

No worries. I clicked the link and it gave me 5 pop-ups persistently asking to send me notifications and several ads.

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Indeed, I did not see, I had not tried to open it on my computer. I will investigate :thinking:

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How about PWA Builder

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Actuall PWA builder doesn’t do Xcode for iOS anymore - this does for $49.50

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I have an app waiting to be published to the app store using thunkable.
We’ve tested it extensively, and it appears to be working all right.

As Glide has said countless times, this is 100% UNSUPPORTED.


Any Ideas guys or successfull trials here on thunkable ?

Sign up for Appgyver (it’s free for Indie developers). Create a single blank page with the navigation header and menu disabled. Install and then create a webview component on the page directing the URL to your glide app site. Set the webview component’s style to 100% width, 1200px height. Save.

Test on the Appgyver app from either the App Store or Google Play.

Get an iOS distribution certificate and an Android keystore file, pword, alias, etc… Go to the Appgyver launch tab, then to Distribute.

Is this now working?