Launching app intp App store and Google Play store

I will soon be launching my Glide app as a native mobile in App and Google play stores. How do I do that? I am aware that this is possible but through a third-party service. Please help me with how all these work.

If I convert my glide app into a native mobile app, will the mobile app show the changes I will on the glide version through my glide portal?

Hello, it would be very helpful if someone can answer this question.

You can use PWA Builder to generate an Android APK. It’s just a webview version of your web app. Create your Google Play Store account and upload the APK, they will approve it.

For Apple, PWA Builder will create the Apple Bundle (not IPA I think, different extension). However, it’s irrelevant because–as usual–Apple is dumb and won’t approve webview apps to the App Store. I’m still looking into a good 3rd party Apple App store.

You can also publish Microsoft Apps (for windows) using PWA Builder. Pretty decent functionality too.

FYI, PWA Builder IS SAFE, it was founded by Microsoft. No worries there.

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