🚀 How to make Glideapps APK For Google Play Store🚀

Hi i everyone, I just want to share information about my apk experience

After my project, ı started to prepare my app to app stores. In this section i will try to show journey of app glide app to play store step by step. You can check my app from this topic. After I publish app, I wait a huge support from Glide Community to give 5 stars to app :slight_smile:

Open Kodular.io first.

Create a New Project

There is a screen component. Disable this options in this component


Add Web View


Copy your app link from Glide Share button.

And edit your web view component like this

You can change app icon from screen component

Click Export apk file and download.

You can upload this apk file to market. And you can try on android devices with sending this file.

You can download it as apk file and upload to play store


Woah…is this too good to be true? I’ve wondered why someone can’t just make an APK app that simply opens a Progressive Web App, so the user has sees no discernable difference (other than it not working when they don’t have data).


I put my app to play store and it works.

Can u try too?

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hi @Bahadir_Kaya after adding your app to play store, if you update your glide app, will it update for the user?
other question could what share your app play store link to test the download and install?


Play store link is:

But there is a bug on this version. I did not figure out back button importance in android systems :slight_smile:
I am uploading new version now. After 1-2 days it will get a update on store.

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I can update app on glide developer side. Anroid app calls glide app as inside of browser. So i dont need update on market.

But, when i was creating apk. I did not realize, back button so it gives an error. I just fixed.

I have used Kodular, did not even realize this lol :grinning: :rofl:, so easy just tried with one my apps, but for internal use though…seems to be even faster… is that possible :thinking:

I will try via coding. Because i had to do it for ios too. Own browser is faster.

I decided to put a bug button to app and if they click it i will recomend use it from browser.

Hi @Bahadir_Kaya !
Did you have luck fixing the bug with the back button?
What would be the added steps to your tutorial in order to fix this as well?

I’m very excited to submit my app to the play store!

About the back button issue
In -Blocks- add items as the following screen shot


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Hello thanks for sharing this amazing experience. Could you please make a short video tutorial on this? I really need to see step by step how to publish my glide app to play store without making a mistake as I am more keen to video tutorials. Thanks looking forward to it.

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