Ready on App Store

Hi, I shared my glide app on AppStore.

I just wrote 5-6 rows code in swift and shared.

It works very well. Swift Webkit is good for glideapps to share on App Store.

I wanted to share my experiences about publishing.

Appstore doesn’t accept app first because they said we need a user name and password.

I tried to explain pin system but they wanted a video and I could share :slight_smile:

You can try the app and give 5 stars please. Because I need a marketing:)

If anyone wants to swift code I will share it here.


Hi @Bahadir_Kaya would you be so kind to show us the process you used to accomplish this. I am interested in learning more. Thank you.

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does it use core data?

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Dear @Bahadir_Kaya ,

Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m highly interested by the swift WebKit !

Would you mind sharing with us a detailed tutorial ! You may help a lot of people.

Friendly reminder :arrow_down: :

As Glide has said many times. This is 100% UNSUPPORTED.


Thanks Bahadir. Could you send me the swift code that you used? Thanks!

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Do you know how would the process be for Google Play Store? Thanks