Is it possible to turn an app created with glide into a native app?

I registered with glide’s pro app and created an app with 20,000 users.

So, as a further step

I would like to turn glide’s PWA into a native app.

How can I do it!?


If you’re interested in publishing to the App Store, please see this:


Wow David! Thanks!!

The price was higher than I expected, so I’ll consider it :sweat_smile:

Hello @11145! Imagine for Panama :joy:.

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You must consider also Apple Developer Subscription cost.
I guess yours it’s a free project for your users.

20.000 users it’s quite a lot…

What about asking them for donations?


Thank you darder!

Besides paying $ 999 for glide, do I have to pay the Apple Developer Subscription cost separately !?

When that happens, I may need to ask user for donations.

@11145 Are you looking at app store in particular or play store works as well? I have been trying to convert my glide app into a native play store app. I used the bubblewrap repo ( to create a submission package from my glide app url. The repo offers a GUI should you prefer to use that. The submission package contains the .apk as well as the .aab file that needs to be uploaded to google play store.

I tried the .apk file by directly installing it in my phone and it works well with one exception: the browser address bar (containing the glide app url) appears at the top inside the app. This is probably because I need to place a digital asset links file in the sub directory of my app: app_url/.well-known/

Now I am stuck because even though I am using a custom sub-domain for the app but it is managed by glide. @david is there a way to put a file in the sub directory of custom domain we are using for glide?

Apple Developer License costs 99$ a month.
Google’s is a one-time payment of 25$.

This is why I’m an android fan. This is why google rocks. :sweat_smile:
This is why apple should lower their prices for every product they make :rage:

Is the app compiled natively? React Native?

99 year

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Here is an alternative your could try to convert and publish your Glide app:, it offers all core features for both Android and iOS:

  • White label splash

  • Camera & File upload ability.

  • Geolocation, Audio, Video, MIC access.

  • Push notification via OneSignal.

  • Offline native alert.

  • Google Play ready *.APK. (Android)

  • App store uploaded build (*.IPA) directly.

  • Back button press (Android)

  • No code, instant update


The price was higher than I expected
If you reconsider it i wll consider this option

Does it work properly?

You can test and preview your Glide app on a Previewer App before going ahead with the conversion.

Thank you for sharing this valuable information! One question tho, wouldn’t it be purchasable by users once it is converted to a native app by a price you set? Or I will continue paying from my pocket?


Just so you are aware…


Hi @DareSteps,

It’s a one time purchase, any update will be automatically reflected on the native app. You would need to pay an update fee in case you want to change the core file to modify the domain name or push notification app id or logo file.

Hi @Rosewebstudio

Thank you for sharing, looks to be a great solution!

What about others when they download it? Can I set a price for them to pay to download it?

Yes, this part is configured in the app store / play store during publication. Your app can be set as free or paid app.