Convert your Glide app into a Native mobile app with

Hello everyone,

For those who have interest in converting their Glide apps into a native mobile app and publish it in the app stores, is offering a 20% discount with the following promo code: glidefounders2021 valid until end of Feb.

Glide apps are robust and beautifully responsive, ideal for conversions and quick approval during publication phase.

We support both Android and iOS with the following integrations:

  1. Geolocation
  2. Push notification (via Onesignal)
  3. File and camera upload
  4. WebRTC
  5. Back button
  6. Offline native alert
  7. Unlimited instant updates: Your converted app is updated upon Glide app publication.
  8. Nocode solution, seamless publishing.

Looking forward to growing Glide ecosystem further!
For more details on the process checkout our Helpdesk / Live chat support: Basics | Documentation

Ideate, Nativate.


This sounds interesting. Is this something Glide endorses or acknowledges works without breaking apps built in Glide? Thanks.

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Hi MrApp,
Thank you for your interest.

Your Glide app will not be altered as we’ll generate builds based on your URL.
Simply put, your web app becomes a publishable native app allowing functions like the ones mentioned in the first post.

One exception is Google login which was interrupted by Google last year as it does not support web login on Webview anymore.

Let me know if more info is requested.


Here is a demo conversion based on Glide Swag (Store) on Android:
Download link:

It looks impeccable on device.

You can also previw your own app with the Previewer app:


Is it possible to enter an admob account to view in app ads?

Not yet but will suggest to conversion team to add it to the roadmap.


Sam, what about IOS? It has been my experience that when you use this type of service for IOS you still see a pop up on the screen that says “add this device to your home screen”. Have you been able to successfully remove that prompt when publishing Glide apps to Apple app store?

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Hi @Steven,

It does not show any popup since we use a native compilation. The pop up is triggered when a browser (or a simulator) is used.

Here is a quick demo on iphone:

You also can test on the Previewer.


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Hi @Sam_nat - I’m very interested in trying this out for one of my apps but I am iOS at home (have android too) and when I click on the ‘preview by app before buying’ link ( it takes me to Google Play Store where I am told I do not have a device.

Is it possible to preview the app on an iPhone - and if so, how? Thanks! M

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Has anyone tried converting their Glide app using nativator? how did it work?

Hello @Mark_Turrell

Apologies for the late reply.

For android, you need to install the app on your device, from the mobile device.
You can test your Glide app and rendering will be valid for both Android and iOS.

As iOS previewer, it will be released soon.


hi, i just tried this, an associate of mine tried to make an APK but encountered an error where the webview doesn’t allow Google login. Is it the same case with yours?


Thank you for using our services.
We have informed (in this topic) that google login was deprecated by google in 2020 for webview.

FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Apple and other login APIs are still working.


Hi Gliders,

We’d like to announce a new pricing for; more flexible, more accessible! Ideal for MVP testers and startups willing to 10X the execution.

The pricing is subscription based with the freedom to cancel anytime:

Another cool tool we’re announcing is: Easy Push which will allow users to send push notification to all devices from your Nativator account with a click.

Ideate, Nativate!



I’m interested in giving this a try with my covid test app. BUT I would like to have someone to help me :slight_smile: So if someone is interested, I have some play budget! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: please DM me :slight_smile: thanks!


Interesting! Is a better pricing for me definitely!

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Just to clarify, all users would have to sign in with the email option and PIN with a native app built with


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Yes, it would work as on browser without issue.

It’s been asked before - but does Glide endorse this product?

On the face of it this seems like a very nice tool and good value at 6.99/month. But in my humble opinion, the website sucks since there is scant little information about what it takes - just a promise that it’s very easy. Hmm. In my [limited] experience of publishing apps in the Apple App store, things are far from easy.

Can anyone else share their experiences?

As far as I’m aware, Glide neither endorses or provides support for any of these 3rd party “convertors”.