Nativator support

Hello, anyone here using to convert glide into app store app?

I don’t know how to connect to their support, emails, chat, calls, none of them work. My stuff hasn’t been converted yet ,and can’t seem to reach the support

They’ve never answered my emails or support tickets.

any other service that turns web app into native app and actually respond?

Hi try PWAbuilder from Microsoft it is free.


I’m on the same page as @eltintero - they’ve never answered my emails, chat or support tickets. Unless @Sam_nat is able to provide a new avenue for responding to people it might be worth trying a different service. Sorry I don’t have any recommendations.

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Posting an update here on my recent experience.

Failed to deliver a working APK.
They still do not respond to tickets, emails, twitter messages or chats.
I had to file a chargeback with my card issuer ultimately.

I do not recommend anyone use them.


Well I just wasted time and money getting everything setup with Nativator. Glide gonna make Share to App Store a reality? I don’t know how its not already a standard default feature. Can the Support Articles referencing Nativator be updated so future users don’t find out the hard way?

Which support articles are you referring to? Glide has never officially supported any kind of app store publishing. Any attempts would be with third party services at your own risk. I would be very surprised if there was any official Glide documentation that referenced Nativator or any other third party service.

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Hi Jeff. Wasn’t referencing “Glides Docs”, I mean the articles in this community forum. There’s articles on using Nativator to add Glide apps to App stores. Some of the articles are a few years old so i may be late to the game and catching up on what works and what doesn’t. Its in no way a criticism of Glide or the community. Just trying to have good workflows and keep things simple.

Ok. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some sort of official documentation floating around that Glide wasn’t aware of. Otherwise I would have made them aware of it.