Glide App is published in the App Store!

That was for Jesus’s app - just excited how multiple apps from the glide community are getting published to the app store!

I think they are testing a few user’s apps at this time

The cdmx government got involved with comeCDMX and over complicated everything.

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Haha governments!

I would wait until Glide officially supports App Store publishing. The whole point of this thread is that they are testing it one on one with select users at this time. You may be running into your issues because you are just wrapping a web app as opposed to Glide publishing a native app. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll get a lot of support from Glide when trying to add functionality that’s not officially supported.


Publishing a Glide app to app stores is a very complex feature that we are building right now, with a dedicated engineering team. It will not work if you do it yourself—please do not ask us for help doing this on your own, it is completely unsupported.


Thanks so much David for your response. I am a huge advocate of Glide and the product in general. Looking forward to the pathway set forth from the Glide team to create true native apps. Any time frame as to when we should expect this from the Glide team?

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Excellent! Thank you again your feedback. While I have your attention, when app store publishing is available in the Fall through Glide, will there still be a 25k row limitation?

Hey great app, just downloaded it and checking it out. so far everything is working great on it!!!


Any more findings on this?
Any more leanings?

Are there procedures now to follow / request to get the app shipped to iTunes?

No. The only thing I can say now is that it’s REALLY complicated to publish to the stores and they have some crazy requests and change their requirements all the time.

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That’s why I still prefer PWA :crazy_face:


After some months, Google published our app on the Play Store

Some good news on the app publishing. We have the android version up and running :slight_smile:


@eltintero, I just tried going to the Google Play Store and installing your app, it worked perfectly.

I searched “cdmx” and then “comecdmx”, and nothing came up. I had to type in the full name to find your app. Some ASO will need to be done for your app to be found.

Once the app installed, the experience was smooth.

All I need to do now is book a ticket to Mexico!

Congratulations to @eltintero and Glide team.

That’s one small step for an app , one giant leap for gliders world. :man_astronaut:

Tested on an iPad pro.

Buttons doesn’t work at all but cool anyway…:grinning:

Yeah, the iOS version had some bugs and is already in revision.
Apple takes a while, though… we’ll see if they approve it and we get a fully functional version soon for iOS.

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It will be interesting to receive the update directly from the AppStore :wink:

Congrats !

So how long it took exactly for the app to be published?

2 months for Play Store, and way less for App Store… but the 1st version of the app store was buggy, and the update has taken years and a LOT of changes.