Making our PWA app to Trusted Web Activity

Hey, We have created a PWA app using Glide. When we tested on our simulator, we see url bar on the app. This creates a total negative user experience as the user thinks it’s as site instead of app.
We decided to convert it to Trusted Web Activity(TWA) . For it to convert to trusted web activity , we need to add .well-known/assetlinks.json. Is there a way can we upload this for our glide app? Can you also please point us to resources that would helpful in converting glide app to trusted web activity? Please do let me know if you need any additional information


Adding more information to this issue.

On TWA : In a nutshell, It adds more native feel to the PWA app. Here’s more information on TWA.

And here’s the problem we want to solve. We have created the app using glide and published to android play store. Attached the screenshot of the app, you see the url bar highlighted. We wanted to get rid of it. .

This url bar is confusing to the user’s and we wanted to solve this asap.Let me know if we are missing anything.

P.S We created the apk using both bubblewrap and apk converter. No luck with either of them…

As you probably read in this post, Glide is currently working on enabling publishing to the app stores, and wrapping the app yourself is not officially supported. You may want to wait until they officially support app store publishing. From my understanding, you currently run the risk of not having all features working correctly.

I am not aware of any way to add the well known assets link yourself.


Have you fixed this …pls help