Create a subdirectory & place a file in the pwa code generated by glide


I have an urgent requirement where I need to create a subdirectory, place a json file and make that directory publicly accessible. Was wondering if anyone from the glide team can assist?




** Forgot to mention. I’d like to create the directory in the PWA code repository that resides hidden with glide.

I do not believe this is currently possible. It doesn’t look like it will be possible in the future, either. What’s your use case?

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Same question with Pablo, why do you need the “PWA code repository”?

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For publishing to play store. Google recently came up with a concept of TWA which lets us wrap our Glide PWA apps in an APK and publish it on playstore. One small step required in this process is:

“Generate the Digital Asset Link and copy the content into a file named assetslinks.json under a folder named .well-known at the root of your PWA.”


Hi @Tanul_Singh

Just bear in mind this with what you are doing.

Publishing a Glide app to app stores is a very complex feature. It will not work if you do it yourself —please do not ask us for help doing this on your own, it is completely unsupported

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Went through a couple of links mentioning publishing to app store so I tried doing my own research.

Not sure why Glide Team is considering this very complex. I’ve done similar transformations before & it’s fairly straightforward if someone has the access to the root. Kindly check this out:

Not sure why such functionalities are not supported in glide apps. A simple apk exporter would be really helpful. In the world of privacy breach and data leaks, people are increasingly being more wary of the apps they are installing from untrusted sources. Would be really appreciate it someone can advise on any possible solutions to this. I’m having a big business impact just because of this.

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Without having access to what’s behind the scenes in terms of transferring the PWA to App Store/Google Play, I would say the process of delivering iOS/Android apps from Glide still requires one of their employees to actually go and convert it for you, and confirms it doesn’t break any rules from the stores. It takes time, and they have other priorities as a PWA-first platform.

I’m not sure if apps exported and uploaded to the stores would still have a Glide branding somewhere in the app. It would be pretty bad if someone does it themselves and it is exposed as having bad privacy protection, or if some functionalities doesn’t work when you update it from the Glide side.

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Keep in mind that Glide is a fairly new startup. They focus on making PWA’s, and not install-able apps. The ability to export apps will most likely be improved. If you think that PWAs are not your thing, then maybe glide isn’t right for you. Have you heard of Adalo?

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I agree with your point and that’s why I’m probably not going to try my own workarounds because of lack of support for this functionality. But I still wish that users had the option to do this.

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Yup. We’re already developing the app there. But I’ve been a Glide paid user for some months now & I was just hoping if someone can help. Planning to move to Adalo just because of this functionality else I’m enjoying Glide a lot.

Adalo has it’s ups and downs. I have 3 apps in Adalo for some of the functionality but I have 8 apps in Glide because Adalo doesn’t offer some of these functions as well. Adalo takes longer to build with but I think it just boils down to styling. Anything I do in Adalo I can do in Glide and sheets combined, If Glide allowed me to resize buttons, add a background, resize images, put different items side by side, I wouldn’t use anything else, but until then I have to please my superiors and sometimes Glide just doesn’t offer the look they want. Especially the tablet mode which is when I mostly have to use Adalo. We have apps that we use on PC’s and Glide doesn’t scale correctly or utilize a normal widescreen display the way they should. Tell your boss this button stretches all the way across the screen for no reason whatsoever and you can’t change it. Lol, talk about unemployment :slight_smile:

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@Drearystate I understand your pain and I agree with the points you made. I myself made some tough calls on Adalo vs Glide and settled down on Glide because of the many functionalities glide offers. Let’s just hope the Glide team is hearing our woes.

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They do, and In Glide’s defense they for the most part listen to all of our suggestions and do what they can to make it a better tool. They have some amazing changes coming next month. I want to be blown away.


Eagerly waiting!