Turning glide app to a downloadable android apk

Hi recently I made an app with glide and i made it downloadable on IOS with a Configuration profile but i need to make it a native android application I want to turn the glide app into apk app
any help ???

Hey Jeff, We have issue converting our glide app to trusted web activity.Would you be able help us do it?
Here’s my original post/issue

@shashawnk292 I saw that post the other day and I don’t quite understand what a TWA is. If you install a PWA, it does not contain a url bar, so I wasn’t quite able to follow what your problem was. To answer your question, I’m going to assume you can’t do what you want, but I also have no idea what exactly you are looking for. If you can include screenshots in your original thread, that might make it more clear.


Updated the original thread with the app screenshot.Please take a look.

on some android devices when you add the glideapp to homescreen you can share it as an apk

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