Can I publish my Glide apps to the App Store and Google Play?

Hi guys, do you planned something in the roadmap to allow us, in an easy way I mean, publishing our beautiful glide’s apps :wink: in the stores? I just launched my glide app and send my first mkt communication. I have noticed that users struggling a beat with the install process and they often looking in the stores and feel annoyed by not finding the app.


Hey @PlanetZero - we don’t offer that functionality. In the future, we hope to have our own Glide Apps store. For now, we just have the Pro feature which allows you to remove Glide branding and much more


Tks! And FYI it’s a kind of feature that will make me turn my account into a pro plan for sure! :wink:


Do I get the full code after building the app with Glide, and then, can I deploy it myself wherever I want? Or do I need to pay more then the pro plan to deploy it?


If you’re interested in publishing your app to App Stores, please complete this form to help us prioritize.


There’s no way to export your Glide app as code, internally Glide apps do not work this way.

Would you consider a payment plan for publishing?

We would love to offer one, it’s just a matter of priority and technical hurdles.


Is there another way to publish to Apple without the large upfront investment? :flushed::face_with_monocle::nerd_face:

I already have an Apple Developer subscription, can my glide app be published under that instead of paying another $99 via glide for essentially the same thing?

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We don’t currently offer publishing to the App Store, at any price. It’s not available, although we’re considering how we will offer it.


Has anyone ever tried creating a native wrapper for their glide app and publishing it that way? I know apple doesn’t typically allow apps that are just wrappers. No app store and google play publishing is a major deal breaker to us, since we’re trying to use glide to build our MVP/proof of concept product which will at some point be a full native app. Seems like Glide is leaving $$$ on the table.



I have answered the form.

However I did not understand the pricing model that you were proposing on the form.

999 extra from the pro plan + 200 for the Google and apple account ? If yes it seems a lot.

I am not convinced by a glide app store, it would mean for the user to first download your store and then our apps ? Way too long.

The easier way would be to extract and IPA and Apk with the right settings and I will upload them myself on the stores.


Think about the google sheet first.

In case your app is on a store, what about the gsheet? Where will it be stored and at which milent will it be created? Wvat about its nzle znd location on end customers drive or yours? At whuxh molent the gsheet will be created? At install tile it’s just not possible because the store install process, as fzr as i know, does not allow to interact with the end user.

Unless all instances of your app use one and only one gsheet, stored in your gdrive. But in this case, you will be limited to 25k rows so dont expect your app to live for a while, unless this app is just read only.

Glide apps are PWA, and this is one of the best options we have and can consider. And it works like a charm.


Moreover, if the apo is available via a store, do not expect to make enhancements and new versions. You would break the app for old versions owners.

PWA! No limitation fir distribution, no constraints from Google and Apple!


$ 999 a year ?? apple only? are you normal, … i gave up immediately

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Wow had missed that :wink: Everyone’s answer will be NO :wink:

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I would have to guess that the price would involve Glide doing the conversion from a PWA into an IPA or an APK. I imagine it’s not an automated process to convert essentially a website into an executable app. Somebody has to get paid to do that. I know I don’t like working for free. I also assume this would require a separate database outside of google sheets. If an app store app did use Google sheets, any layout changes could break any distributed apps. It would probably take a week or more to reconvert an updated Glide app into an IPA and APK and hope it makes it through the app store approval process. Then you are at the mercy of whether or not the users pull the update right away or not. Ultimately any problems would require you to contact Glide to help walk you through any issues. That takes time and money. That price is not in my personal budget, but considering most business software runs in the $10,000 to $100,000+ range for an annual license, it kind of makes sense. You are also paying for support on the product.


If they offer this, the rest of the price model wil go up a lot as a well to balance things out. Which is a choice. BettyBlocks asks 1.000 euro a month to build your own business apps. If you compare it to 100.000 it’s cheap, if you compare it to Netflix it’s expensive. The future of pricing will depend on the target market. I see a lot of people in education using Glide, they have a different budget than midsize companies.

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if the price was 999 one-off then it would be cheap, but it says 999 a year, and if I’m counting on a multiyear project, it’s expensive to pay every year.
or if you are doing an application to the client, so you have to charge him $ 999 every year, and where else is your work? the client refuses it, not everyone throws money just like that.