Update on App Store feature?


Does anyone know of any update regarding official support for getting a glide app onto the app stores? Also I noticed there was a $999/yr rumoured fee floating around, if this is something to base the price off of will it be per app or can there be some sort of agency fee if we have multiple clients etc,

I know this feature has gone quite quiet over the last few months, and trying to search through this forum I haven’t heard of any more updates regarding this so I thought I’ll create this post and ask, I’m looking forwards to this feature either way when it’s finally ready to be released :slight_smile:

Glide and app store

A decision has been made to not commit programming resources to the the "publish to the App Stores " project in the short term. It may be revisiting it again in the future, but for now we are committing those resources to other initiatives.

Well, that’s the most popular #feature-requests

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