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I used “Google codes” to display adresses on the map => is this correct ? Some adresses are still well mapped (in US instead of Belgium). Example : 9489+CG Schaltin
Otherwise, do you know how to have a nice map with all my addresses, what kind of information should I put in my googlesheet?

My app link : https://nduqe.glideapp.io/

Thanks in advance !

This is probably the best answer to date for correct addresses in the map. Add the script to your sheet and point your map addresses to the lat/long field in your sheet. Thanks to @Dan_Liebeschutz for the well written article.

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I just upload my sheet to

Then just use the lat and long it generates.

definitely use lat,long coordinates.


+1 for geolocation with Lat & Long instead of an address to populate maps in Glide. (or any component that will require an address)

You can be very, very accurate by setting a marker on Google maps then collecting the Lat & Long it returns.

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Hi @dharmel! I just wrote an explanation article on how to add a custom function script to google spreadsheet from a script source. Can you please check it out and tell me if it helped?

It also has in it a video showing the steps.

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Thanks for the shout out @Tim_Sullivan

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I don’t think I could do any better than Dan’s explanation. It’s about as step-by-step ads it gets.


it works perfectly !!! Thanks a lot :star_struck:


I have a big problem with the script in googlesheet allowing geolocalisation 2020-05-29 18_49_21-HappyKids - Google Sheets et 4 pages de plus - Travail - Microsoft​ Edge


Google Maps gives you a daily limit to your queries: 1.000

Beyond it, Google punishes you for 24 hours. Many of us have walked that lonely way before :rofl:

Saludos @dharmel


Have you ever tried another service besides Google Maps? I have seen some out there, not sure if they have higher limits daily.

Years ago I knew and worked with ArcGIS software a little, their GIS applications are amazing!!

They had APIs very powerful but I don’t know if those are free yet. Here their web page:

Chao @ThinhDinh

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Thank you I’ll have a look later. Here are some other options I have read about.

thanks ! :sweat_smile: