Automatic geocoding in Sheets

My app shows locations on a map, but I’ve run into a bit of an issue. Addresses in Hebrew are not displayed at all on Glide, and since my app is aimed at Israelis, that’s a blocker for the app to be released.

I’m looking to solve this by geocoding addresses and displaying the pins on the map according to the coordinates, and this is where I could use your help:

Is there a way to automatically geocode addresses as they are entered in the spreadsheet?

So far all I could find are scripts, Sheets add-ons and Macros that require me to click a button for them to run.

Any ideas?

Scripts can be triggered by “non-manual” events.

I’d bet you can accomplish this with Zapier as well if you don’t want to use a script. Though with a quick search Zapier doesn’t seem to have a geocoding integration. I could be wrong.

You may have to try another platform like Integromat.

Take a look here.

Thanks @Tim_Sullivan and @Adam_Acosta - I’m looking into both solutions right now!

@Tim_Sullivan works like a charm! Thanks a lot!


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@Ofer_Chama: We have used this and it worked really well…

Thanks, I saw it earlier but wasn’t sure it could be triggered whenever a new row is added

@Ofer_Chama: the solution described on Medium doesn’t work for our case as we need to preserve the long form address for other purposes.

We have over 500 listings and some geocoding was failing when we were using an Opencage Data script.

The Awesome Table add-on solved that problem because for failed geocoding attempts it has a ‘widen range’ feature.

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