Firefox mobile add to home screen doesn't work

Hi all,

I’m really excited about Glide, and the possibilities it offers! My colleagues and I are already exploring how we can use this to help our students (we work at Leiden University).

I have one issue, however. Adding the webapp from Firefox Mobile on Android (A2HS) currently doesn’t work. It gives me the option, but when I click Add to Home Screen, it doesn’t give me the dialog to confirm. The menu just disappears and nothing happens. A2HS works fine with other websites such as, so I think the issue lies with Glide.

Note that I don’t want to Add Page Shortcut (Menu >> Page >> Add Page Shortcut), because then it just opens as a webpage in FF.

Can anyone help me out?


Android 8.1.0 (LineageOS)
Firefox Mobile 68.1.1 (up-to-date)

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