How to remove "Add This App To Home Screen"

I tried to redirect my site to “eNomCentral - domain name, web site hosting, email, registration” which is working, though when you open it on mobile it still ask to “Add This App To Home Screen”.

Please help @David, as the desktop mode is great and thought I had it solved with this redirect. Any way to to get to the desired outcome?

Thank you.

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adding app to homescreen s a prompt by the browser and not glide
and also it helps user to easily navigate to add the app to homescreen

My issue is that a normal website does not offer that it is a reason for someone to close the window and now view the site on their phone. It is not a default prompt for any website. It is a great feature for the non desktop version.

Any way to address this @Mark? Thanks.

@Perrin I’m not sure if I quite follow this issue. So far I’ve understood you want to remove completely the non-native prompt from Glide, for adding an app to the Home Screen of the phone.

We use this UI in order to prompt users to install apps on their Home Screens, since it’s a much nicer experience and once it is on your Home Screen, it allows you to use the search functionality to quickly access it as well.

Would you mind elaborating a bit more why you don’t find this feature useful and would like to remove it or at least make it optional?

My use case is not for the user to save this. I want it to be a responsive website and most of my visitors will be coming from a social/mobile.

This is a non-logged experience to sell my membership which is a logged in/whitelisted glide app.

This is acting as my public site to show off what rewards we offer, to show the value so they get a membership.

With that I want them to install it like an app, and in fact want to be one of the first apps you have to get wrapped and been hoping from when you first started.

love the desktop option, though I need to have a web experience when open on mobile. and that person opening any redirect link gets right tot so they never see anything but the web experience.

Please let me know if that makes sense. It is really about a desktop/web only user experience where you don’t want them promoted to bookmark/install as it conflict with the intended experience.

any feedback on this? Did the use make sense? Thanks.

Ah! Are you saying you created a landing page with Glide with a CTA for users to download the app? So your Glide app isn’t reallyyy an app?

If that’s the case, I don’t think Glide is the solution for that.

That is not what it is for. It is a perfect solution for I need. the issue is that with the /full it should not be treating it like a mobile first experience.

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I would also like the option to NOT show the non-native add to home screen pop-up.

Most of our users are accessing our sign-in app upon arrival in our facility. They are typically infrequent users (1-2 times per year) and don’t need to save the app on their phone. For these users the pop-up only confuses them and often results in them needing to do the PIN sign-in multiple times.

Unfortunately the cookies stored during the PIN sign-in process are not shared between Safari and the Home Screen app, so depending on how they open the app it may not keep them signed-in. Our younger visitors are usually able to quickly reauthenticate (whilst mildly annoyed), but our older customers sometimes take a while to figure out how to check their email and find their PIN, copy it and paste it back into Glide. This often delays their service and starts off our interaction with a negative experience.

The easiest solution to this problem for us would be to simply add a checkbox to the Sign In Screen settings to “Hide ‘Add to Home Screen’ Pop-Up”. This would also be helpful for applications where the Glide app is being embedded within another page/service.

Agreed. I also have a use case for not having the option, which I described below :arrow_down_small:

Vote for the Feature Request here:

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