Provide option to suppress 'Add to Home Screen' infobar


Can you remove ‘add to home screen’ prompts when you open the app?


As far as I know that is a feature of your devices operating system.

Just curious as to why you would not want users to create short cuts to your app?

It’s annoying to users. If they want to add to home screen then they can, or if they don’t know how then we can create a simple help snippet to explain to them how to do it.

Loving the tool by the way :slight_smile:

Got it. Most people complain that it is too “hard” to show users how to add it to their devices home screen, but that would depend on your target audience I guess. I had to write a tutorial with pictures to show folks how to do it, but then again the user base for that app was senior citizens, not all that savvy with mobile devices.

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Is there any customisation options for this prompt? It obscures the tabs on Android, meaning users won’t be aware of the other tabs unless they act to either add to homescreen or dismiss the prompt.

I do not think it is useful to delete this option. Because it is an alternative installation mode of the application

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I am also interested in removing the prompt. Thanks.

Having now seen users actually downloading the app and then installing on their home screen I am now a fan of having the prompt, I wasn’t before. It also encouraged them to open the app when it forms part of their home screen on the phone.

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I’m also a fan of the prompt, but I’ve bumped into a use case where I really don’t want/need it there.

The users of my app will be transient. Essentially they will scan a QR code that will open a deep link to the app for a single use. I don’t want them to install the app. I just want them to use it once from their mobile browser, and then move on.

I did a bit of Googling, and it appears that it is possible to suppress the prompt programatically, which means (I assume) that Glide could add this as an optional feature. So I’m going to revive this feature request, and retitle it slightly :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there

I would like to know how to stop the pop up from showing, as my users won’t probably want to add the site to their home screen (return rate is not that high) and I believe it adds confusion in that case.

Do you know how?


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Go pro

Is there a solution for that in the Pro version? Which one is it? Thanks!

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No, Pro would not make a difference in this case. These are primarily web based Apps, so in a majority of cases, it is desired to have them installed instead of visiting the url like a webpage. At this time, there is no setting to disable the prompt to install the app. The user can choose to dismiss it and will never see it again, unless they wipe out the cache in their browser.

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Oh I thought it was the Glide pop up which you see on free apps only.

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