Feature-Gap: Inline-List "Add Item" form not surfacing "Column Fields" of parent data record

First, only been working with Glide for about a month and just loving it’s whole approach to no-code/PWA bliss… Keep it up!

Now… I’ve run into this situation a couple of times with fairly simple application designs:

  1. You have a primary data record (say, an “Article”)
  2. You have a secondary child record (say, a “Comment”) associated with the primary record via a RefID field (“ArticleID”)
  3. The “Article” worksheet/table has a one-to-many Relationship column to the “Comment” records that have matching RefID (“Comments_Rel”)
  4. On the Detail View for the “Article” record/object, you add an Inline-List component to the “Comments” in the given “Article” records “Comments_Rel”), AND you check the “Only show a few items” property on the Inline-List configuration.

Now… There are two ways to add a new Comment, but only one of them works:

  1. This works:
    a. Add a Form Button to the “Article” Detail View,
    b. Have the Form write a new “Comment” record
    c. “Surface” the “RefID” field from the parent “Article” record as a Column Field to map to the new record’s “Comment:ArticleID” field.

  2. This does not work :frowning: :
    a. Click through the “Show All” link on the “Article” record’s “Comments” Inline-List header
    b. On the Full-List View, enable “Add Item” functionality
    c. In the “Add Item” Layout manager, there is no way of surfacing the Column Fields from the parent “Article” record. :trombone:

I’ve created a simple demo of this behavior here: https://article-comment-demo.glideapp.io/

Knowing zip about the inner-workings of Glide, is this something that could be easily added?

And if so, what’s the correct channel for submitting a feature-fill like this?

I have others… nothing earth shattering, but a few layout “tweak” configurations to add flexibility.


Can you give a reason why you don’t use the native “comments” component offered by Glide?

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Sure! In the example the built-in “Comments” feature would work fine, but in the case of two apps I’m working on, I’m creating data logs for a primary record where the log entries have a number of fields beyond just “User”, “Date”, “Comment”.

For example, one app is a Maker’s Workshop Journal where I have “Equipment” primary records and then under those records I have “log” collections for “Maintenance Log”, “Usage Log”, “Issue Reports”.

So then for say, a 3D Printer in my workshop, I could look at it’s Details View, see three “short” Inline-Lists for each of those above Logs’ most recent entries, and then “Show All” for the one I want to view/add to.

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Tried it on my own app, same thing happened. If you feel that this needs to be feature request, you can submit it here:

Thanks! I’ll submit a request in this! Definitely have a couple of app scenarios where it would be valuable to do have this feature!

Appreciate you verifying the observed behavior… :+1:

[edit: fat-fingered emoji pop-up… meant +1]

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Have a nice weekend yourself!