Favorites Bar vs Favorites Page/Sheet

I’ve created a tree of categories and items (4 tiers) that can be favorited at anywhere within the tree, so users have the flexibility of selecting entire parental sections or just an individual child item.

I’ve noticed when enabling the “Favorites Bar” component, and favoriting a child item, it will not show the individual item under the toggled Favorites bar, unless the parent is also favorited.

However, if I create a separate Favorites Icon with a new and separate Favorites sheet and perform this manually, it will function properly.

Is this a bug? Or is there a way to fix this to work appropriately?


Can you show screenshots of this? If you are using the native Favorites bar in Glide Apps, then that’s the expected behaviour. Each row is on its own when it comes to the Favorites bar, so if you favorite child row A, it does not mean anything for its parent row and vice-versa.

That seems pretty silly. If I’m able to manually recreate the affect by doing what seems to be the exact same thing by adding another column, why does it function like that? These Images are both referencing the exact same sheet.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Do you mean you create your own Favorites flow, or do you use the native Favorites function?

The native Favorites function ties to an “isFavorited?” column in your database, so it’s always on its own and not tied to any other rows.

Can you specify what your “Add to Favorites” and “Remove from Favorites” buttons do?