Favorite button not working?

So I’ve added the favorite bar on my app so users can give a little heart and “favorite” certain items. The first initial Favorite items seems to be working but they don’t all work throughout the app. I’m I not using it correctly? I think I have a column named as “Is favorite?” with type “boolean”…is this correct? I added content “favorite” also but it seems like the name of the label is “favorite”?
I’m new to Glide and creating apps but can’t seem to figure this one out!

Can you specify on what “doesn’t work throughout the app”? Can you add some screenshots?

Thank you for your reply. Well, I did notice I can’t add a “Favorite Bar” under components on this screen. Where I can use the favorite button, I have a “Favorite Bar” which allows me to see my favorites on that screen. Is it the way I have it set up perhaps? I know I’m doing something incorrectly on the sections that I can’t favorite items.

Are you using a details layout for your screen or a non-details screen? I believe you can only have a favorite bar in a non-details screen.

This is the screen where favorite works…

This is the screen where my favorites are not showing up…

I’m guessing it’s because I can’t add the “Favorite Bar” for this layout?

Yes, your second example is a details screen that is just showing the data for a single item in your list.
A favourites bar is a filtering mechanism, and would make no sense in that context, because filtering a list of one item is a bit meaningless.
Maybe what you want on that screen is a Favourite Button?
That would allow your users to add the current item to their favourites.

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 9.28.07 AM

I did try that but it won’t appear anywhere indicating that they’ve favorite that item? I’m able to click on the favorite button and it does turn red as being selected but then, nowhere to be found as a favorite item?

If you go back to the first screen where you have the favourites bar, then click on Favourites, does it not then filter the list below to show only items that have been favourited?

Only the ones on that screen. If any other favorites work, it’s only for that particular screen. The favorite that don’t show, just don’t show up anywhere…if that makes any sense?

um, no. Not really :slight_smile:

Can you show me a screen shot of somewhere you would expect to see them but you aren’t?

In this screen, I can select favorite and find it under the favorite…

Like this…

In this screen, even if I hit the favorite button, is nowhere to be found…

this is the bit that’s confusing me.
What are you expecting to happen (or see) when you tap the favourite (heart) on that screen?

The favourite component is just like a toggle. It adds or removes the item you are viewing to/from your list of favourites. If the heart is filled, it’s on your favourites list. If it’s not filled, then it isn’t. There is really nothing else to see.

Maybe I’m confused, I thought that if an item is favorite (it appears on the favorite tab) so you can find it easier to find later without having to search through all the other items. On this particular screen, I see the heart filled because I favorite but I have no way of knowing unless I scroll through all the items again?

Yes, that’s the way it should work.

This doesn’t sound right.

Just going back to your earlier screen shots. The first two you gave were from your Home tab, and the 3rd was taken from your Categories tab. Can you show me what you see when you click on the back button below…

This is my screen when I hit the back button…

ah, okay. Now it makes sense :slight_smile:
The above is a details screen, and you can’t have a favourites bar on a details screen.

So you need to get a little bit creative.
A simple solution might be to group the inline list by the “Is Favourited?” column. You can do that in the inline list options. I’ve never actually tried that, so I’m not sure how well it will work. But give that a try first.

If that doesn’t work for you, then the next option would be custom filtering. I won’t bother explaining that now unless we actually need it :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all of your help. I will definitely let you know if I really want to add it. I just thought it was as simple as adding the favorite button :rofl: