Exporting and extracting user specific data

Our users have the ability to “favorite” available jobs. However, these favorites are stored in a user specific column.

Is there any way to export that data? We’re trying to understand which jobs are the most favorited (and other useful analytics), but can’t seem to find a way to either export to CSV or run a query over the data.

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As of now you can’t access that information via the methods you mentioned. You have to record them back to the Sheet via a form.

Ah thanks! Have you heard anything about when this feature will be supported (re: querying)?

If you’re talking about rollups (as in calculations) over specific columns, we don’t have a timeline for that.

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Okay thanks!

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Does it mean that all User Specific information in our app, that are useful for us to conduct analytics, should be entered by the user via a form?
In some case, this implies reviewing the whole app (ex. when we want to monitor ‘to do’ lists), and downgrading the UX.

Yeah, we don’t have rollups over user-specific columns now, so that’s the only way if we want to do anything with it.