ERROR sign in a tab and the layout is erased!

I refreshed but not getting anything back! feel like I’ve talked about this already but can’t seem to find it! HELP!!!

Is your ‘User’ tab configured? (email, name, picture)
Has it 1 row filled-in?
Do you have a visibility condition or filter set on this screen?

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yes for all 3…

@Robert_Petitto I remember you solving this, either in YT or here?

help @david

This may be a silly question but are you sure the column formats are correct?

Name - basic text
Email - basic email
Image - basic image

Please do not mention me for support. You can open a support ticket here: Submit a request – Glide

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Is this the same problem?

If yes, please check this solution.


yesss! thank you!! I’m trying this right away to see if it works.