Error showing numbers of used lines

I have two the applications that use the same spreadsheet, one is for the administrator and the other for the client. Why is the number of lines used in the administrator greater than the number of lines used in the client if they use the same spreadsheet?

Is the admin app using a sheet tab that the client app has hidden?

The administration application is using login to access the rest use the same tabs

Any tabs that are hidden or not used in any way in the app are not counted against your total lines.

This doesn’t make sense, that is, I have to register fewer products than I can actually show, since the administrator application occupies many more lines than the customer application

I get what you are saying, but it makes sense to me as far as how glide is designed to work. Each app shows a quota of rows used by that specific app only.

Otherwise a person could hack the system and build 100 unrelated apps all pointing to the same sheet and the count would only relate to the one app that uses the least amount of rows. As far as Glide is concerned, the number of rows used by a particular app is the number that will be used against your quota for that app.