Row usage when two apps using the same datasource

I have a client portal and an admin portal.
Both us the same Excel sheet.

This is what I see under my row usage stats:

Is this expected? Since both apps are updating the some datasource I assumed that the rows would only be counted as usage for one app.

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Each app will have different row usage depending on what is used within the app.

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Thanks, I understand what you’re saying.

Are you able to define what “used within the app” means?


  • I add a purchase in app 1. I guess that counts in app 1.
  • I view that same data when I log into app 2 (admin portal). If I edit that data does it then count in app 2 as well?

I find the easiest way to understand it is to consider tables instead of rows.
If a table is referenced anywhere in your app, then all rows in that table will be counted against your quota. Filtering & Row Owners have no impact on row count, the only thing that matters is whether or not a table is referenced.


You have a table with 1000 rows. You don’t display that table directly using any lists, but you do build a relation to it from your User Profiles table, and then use a Lookup column to fetch a value from the table. This means that the table is referenced, and so all 1000 rows will be counted.

And to address your example…


If you’re viewing the data via the 2nd app, the entire table counts towards the row count for that app.

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There really is no problem here, because Glide counts row usage limits PER Project (App or Pages), and not PER TEAM as seen in this little screen snippet:

So you really only have to be concerned with the UPDATES – which are shared between all Projects in the Team.

Yes that all makes sense.
The context of my original question was when rows are “double counted” when two apps use the same data source.

I think someone answered it in terms of app 1 or 2 referencing a table in which case all that table’s rows count towards that app.

Thanks for your reply.

What if I have a tab in my sheet with 5001 rows that I never reference (who knows why?)
then would none of those rows count as used?

If that sheet tab is not used by your app in ANY way, then no, it will not be counted towards your row quota.

Makes sense thanks :blush:

Perhaps the pricing page could make this clearer? Initially it looks like the rows in your sheet are what are counted. It is more nuanced that that so could be made clearer. “Used” is hard to explain if you haven’t built in Glide before.

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