Entry Fields

Hi everyone, currently building our beta version in Glide. I am running over and over again in the same issue with the entry fields - sometimes they are deactivated and I cannot figure out whats the underlying issue.

has anyone in here faced a similar issue and worked it out?

Grateful for any hints.


If it’s at the start of a user journey then I assume it’s because the row has not been synced to Glide yet. Are you on a free plan?

There was a similar problem posted here, turns out that he have a filter for the whole tab to show data only for sign in users

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Yes, as indicated above, any time an entry component is deactivated, then that means the screen is not attach to any row. There is nowhere to put the data, so the entry components deactivate. There are several reasons for this, such as no rows of data in the sheet, or filters or row owners that prevent access to any rows. You have to know which row you are updating, or that you intend to update.


jep, thanks so much - that was exactly the issue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: