Content not showing up

Hi everyone !
I have added some text entry, email entry, date etc… but none of the components are showing up in the screen … Any idea why ?
thanks a lot !

In the layout editor, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the data sneak peak: there probably is no data in the cells your components are pointing to. Either because there just isn’t any data in the cell(s) or maybe because of filters?

Hi @nathanaelb thanks a lot for taking the time to answer :slight_smile:
I do have some data in my Gsheet database.
And even if there was no data, as these components are supposed to be filled in by the user, shouldn’t they be visible even with no data ? In fact it’s possible to indicate a placeholder label .

I’ve checked many times and no filter is applied either … :sweat_smile:

I think what Nathanael means is your screen is not attached to any rows. If they’re not connected to any rows, then your entries can’t be written anywhere, hence it doesn’t show up.

Can you show us some screenshots or explain more on how users are getting to that screen?

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I canceled the page and create it again and it works :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for you help !