Components disappeared/ not displaying

I logged in my app today and the components from the contact form are not displaying.
As you can see on the screenshot, they are still there, the sheet has columns filled but they are not displaying on the app.

Any visibility conditions on your components?
Is your screen attached to an existing row in your table?

No visibility conditions on the components no. Screen is attached to a table and each component attached to an existing column.
It was working fine yesterday, today I open it up and it looks like this.

Sure the screen is attached to a table and components attached to columns in that table, but make sure the screen is attached to a row. If the table is empty, or you have a filter on the screen, or row owners applied and the signed in user doesn’t own any rows, then the screen can become detached from any existing rows and sometimes components will not be displayed because there is no underlying data to display.

If you are 100% positive that the screen is attached to a row, then try removing and re-adding one of the components.

I have seen this happen in some of my apps.

When this happens, click on the component and you will notice that the chosen column of the component can be set to -

So, you have to re-select the column that will point to that data.

Test it and let us know

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hey, you were right on point. It was tied to columns, but no empty row. Thank you for the assist!!.


hey, I had missed this which Jeff had mentioned. It was tied to columns, but no empty row. I appreciate it.

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