Duplicating multiple apps sharing glide table, creating testing environment

i have 2 apps based on google sheet primary source but also using a shared Glide Table.
I duplicate each app to create a staging environment.

  • the tables based on google sheet work fine as the source can be replaced in 1 of the 2 apps to be the same as the other app.
  • But the shared Glide Table is now split into 2 different duplicated glide tables.

The 2 apps are no longer connected through this glide table. The only way to get a staging environment similar to the live one is to connect one of the duplicated apps to one of the duplicated glide tables and to re-create ALL computed columns in the glide table & switch relations all over

thats a huge load of work, so many computed columns to rebuild
any advise on this

anyone have any advise on creating a staging environment for 2 apps that use shared glide tables?
Duplicating the apps means the shared Glide Table is no longer shared. and when we connect it all computed columns are gone.

@Robert_Petitto mentioned this very recently. However, is there a reason you don’t want to use Publishing Control? Or do you want the ability to both test inside the builder and in production?

When you duplicated, you would have been given a choice:

  • Keep same sheet
  • Copy the sheet

Which one did you choose?
I’m guessing that you chose the second option, yes?

Yes for sure the second,
we don’t want to connect testing apps to the live data

There is way more to the testing we do.
We have the apps connected to other code apps and tools within the business.
a very important part of testing is updating the data and making sure we get the right data in place.

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I dont think there is a solution for this issue at the moment. I also ran to the same problem as you some time ago and I still have not found an easier way of doing it other than to reconnect and then recreate columns.

In the meantime, you can vote on this feature request but I don’t think it’s getting any traction or maybe the community does not really have a need for it, I don’t know…

has there been any developments regarding staging environments. We have multiple apps using the same google sheet & glide tables.
replacing a google sheet is possible, so we don’t have to recreate computed columns. Just duplicate all apps and then replace the sheets with the staging sheet we want.

but we cannot do that with the shared glide tables. we have to recreate tens of computed columns?

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