Duplicate component cannot be independent?

I have been cracking my head to understand what I am doing wrong…

I am making a quiz, say Quiz A. I create a form button and add all components needed.
When I want to make Quiz B, I duplicate the Quiz A, make the name change to Quiz B.

What I noticed is that whatever component changes I make to Quiz B, it affects Quiz A…and vice versa.

This does not seem to make sense as duplicating should allow us to copy from one button to another button and change the name to make them two separate components. Of course, changing the components inside one button then should not affect the other.

Suggestions please.

Are you doing this on a row-level details view? Can you show us some screenshots?


thanks @ThinhDinh
Here is a short video to make clearer…

On another note, on the particular screen of the event, I can “see” title of the event…is it possible to capture this some how into a variable and then use it as a filter? detail also in above video.

best regards.

I’m not entirely sure, but would it be any different if you use a natural form button instead of opening a form using a compound action?

Regarding the variable, I assume you can just point the second part of the condition to that variable you have. Can you confirm?

I just tested the natural form button and it does not have the issue…so is this considered a bug to be highlighted to Glide?

for the variable, my programme I have three sheets

  1. Event sheet - setup to create the event and also create the Quiz
  2. Quiz sheet to collect all the data for the quiz such as options (using multiple choices)
  3. Response sheet to collect all the responses and process them

So I start the quiz from Event sheet and use the choice component populating the options from Quiz sheet before submitting to Response sheet.

I am not able to access this Title when I setup the filter section. I also have tried relations between Quiz sheet and Event sheet using Title as commonality but still cannot extract this Title…

That is why I ask if there is a way to save this title to a “currentTitle” and then use it. If it can be done, then I will not need to setup my quiz for each event…setup once and use the Title as filter…I can use the question number as filter now…just need the Title to make it a universal quiz.

Suggestions are welcome

Would you be able to access that from a “Screen” value. I guess a no?

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When you copy the Quiz F button to Quiz G, what happens when you change the action for Quiz G to something that’s not a compound action, then change it back to a compound action? Does it then become independent? It probably would make you recreate the action as well as the form, so probably not very helpful in your case. It looks like you have different names for each action, so you would expect them to be independent, but I suppose behind the scenes, the the open form action is still pointing to the same form.


I just did a re-test

  1. duplicate the form and made changes to the filter of the duplicated version and confirmed the changes to filter is copied to the original…and vice versa, changing the original affects the duplicated one…I think this is a BUG that needs to be looked at by Glide.

  2. second test I did was to change the duplicated version to just the form and am able to adjust the form as needed. Even I change to compounded action, it is still independent (I did not try to recreate exact compounded as original)



Happy to report that it is able to identify the “Screen” variables…
Actually it worked before when I was doing a portion of the code. Today for most of the day it did not work…for the last hour it worked…so I am able to filter as I need, in this case it is the Event Title. Now it is a breeze to make the quiz and I do one template for all. Just need to adjust the filter and visibility condition…fingers crossed that this is stable and i do not get a surprise tomorrow :rofl: