Duplicate unlinked screens

Is there a way to duplicate screens that are not linked and are totally independent?
Currently, if I duplicate a screen, any changes I make to the copy are reflected in the original and vice versa.
The same thing happens if I copy individual components between screens.
Right now, if I want the same screens but with certain variants or conditions, I am forced to do everything again screen by screen.
Help me please.

I think that largely depends on how you are duplicating the screen and how you are navigating to that screen. Tabs are always independent. Detail screens are inherently linked to the underlying table. New screens should usually be independent. You may need to describe in detail how you navigate to these screen and how they are configured to say for sure.

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I want duplicate this tab.

In duplicated Tab (Copy) I want to switch the accent color of that button:

If I do that, that button will change color not only on duplicated tab but original too. Why?

Note: this is the simplest example, 'couse everything I do on duplicated, it makes repeat in original.

Ok. I guess I’ve never duplicated a tab like that. Instead I’ll usually copy and paste components if I need to duplicate a screen. I would say that is a bug. Based on everything I’ve ever experienced and known about tabs, I would never expect different tabs to be linked in that way.

Seeing the back arrow here.


I think it might be a details screen, and the behaviour is correct.

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Ahh, good point. I would agree then that it’s working as expected. Top level of a Tab should always be independent, but navigating to a detail screen below that top level would definitely have the design attached to the underlying table. Changing to use the ‘Show New Screen’ action instead of the ‘Show Detail Screen’ action would fix this.

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That’s the point, aren’t both the components of the duplicate and the original supposed to be independent? Why are they linked?

The components at the top level are independent, but it looks like you are then navigating below that top tab level to the detail screen for one of your techs? It’s the tech detail screen that’s linked to the tech table.

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Yes. Both tabs are linked to the same source of data. I just want to make some changes: maybe colors or some data filters. My question is the same, why are the are linked?

You are kind of misleading us with the information you are providing. You mentioned duplicating a Tab, but that’s not what you are showing us. What your screenshots show are a detail screen that’s different from the tab screen. You are most likely showing something below the Tab level screen. I can only assume that you are navigating through a collection on that Tab screen to the detail screen for one of those collection items. The action on the collection in the Tab is what needs to change. Like I said, change the action on the collection in the Tab to ‘Show New Screen’ and it will work the way you want.

Think of it this way. Imagine if you had 10 different ways to navigate to a detail screen for one of your techs, but you actually wanted it to be the same no matter how you navigated there. By using ‘Show Detail Screen’ as the action, you are navigating to the version of the detail screen that’s attached to the table. Now imagine if you had to change one small thing on that screen. Would you want to do it 10 times or just once. It’s a feature that you’ll be thankful for when that situation arises.

The solution is simple. Pick only one of your tabs, select the collection and in the collection configuration, change the action from ‘Show Detail Screen’ to ‘Show New Screen’.

I know it’s a hard concept to grasp, but I’ve covered it over and over in the forum. This is probably one of my better explanations:


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