Show new screen?

I use a lot of Screens rather than Tabs.
Obviously only Tabs appear at the bottom of the screen and they are indexed on the left of the layout view.
I find it interesting / useful that when I copy a link to a Screen (ie from a graphic) on my menu page that, on the Screen that appears, I can change anything and it does not affect the original Screen so it is basically a new Screen.
So I am asking is there an index of Screens somewhere - so that I can link to them from another Tab or Screen?

Link to Screen or Show Screen always has an independent layout, just like a tab, since it’s a top level view. Sub level screens, such as the details screen from an item in a list, will have the layout tied to the table, so the layout is shared throughout the app. Only top level views are independent. As far as an index of Link to Screens / Show Screens, I’m not aware of anything like that.

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