Help me set my lists free please!

Why does my second list of things have to have the same components as the first?

I have a sheet with a list and each item links to a page with a set of components. All good. I would like to create a new sheet, add the same list but this time each item should link to a page with different components.

At the moment, whenever I edit the components for one list, the other list’s components also change… they are not independent. How can I set them free from each other?!

Do I really have to create a duplicate tab in my Google sheet and point the second list to the duplicate tab? Isn’t there a workaround?

Thanks in advance for any pointers…

Sadly, there’s no workaround. You need to duplicate the sheet.

Ok many thanks… seems a strange restriction.

I had a similar issue, and have ended up creating a few screens within the details screen and hiding/showing elements based on certain variables. This was a few days before compound actions came in…

With compound actions you could possibly use an extra column “screen config” so as you click through it changes that column. Then you filter on that column. It is a little dirty, but it should work and shouldn’t cause any issues I can think of right now (although I am just coming up with this idea and haven’t tested it).

I think this is solely to let you scale up without any issues.

You can just have an array formula that duplicates the sheet, that’s not a complex workaround.

May I ask why you need two different layouts using the same rows?

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Thanks - I will research arrays.

I wanted two different screens - one to show project details and the other to input/edit project details. I was going to make the 2nd sheet only visible to me.

Have you considered having only one tab, but enabling editing to edit details of each item. Then add a condition to only allow editing for only your email? That way, you don’t need separate tabs.


I have a hunch Jeff that is the best approach… I have not used permissions with email yet… so not gone there so far. I expect that is the neatest solution but of course requires logins… not sure If I have to upgrade for that.

In the meantime, my workaround is to allow text entries to be edited only when they are empty, e.g. one time only. This is fine since I will usually see new entries first. Same for images for each item. There is an image picker that is only visable when the image cell is empty, so once uploaded it’s locked.

But I suppose that’s all a big compromise and I should get to grips with email permissions!

You shouldn’t need to upgrade. Sign in can be mandatory or optional. If you use Public then you can have the option to sign in via the side menu or with a sign in button. If you use Public with Email, then all users have to sign in, but you can either add a column value for your user in the user profiles sheet (such as ‘Admin’, and set the edit condition to only allow editing if the user profile has the ‘Admin’ value. Or you can set the edit condition to only allow editing if the user profile email is your email.



Considering your use case, Jeff’s suggestion will work. By allowing editing when the signed-in user is yourself, only you will be able to access the pencil icon on the top right with text entries to edit the row.


Brilliant - thanks guys!