Using same sheet in two components giving the issue

Using same sheet in two components giving the issue as I am making changes in one list component is reflecting in other list component. My problem can be solved only when they both are separate as I am creating different views for different user.
Note: same sheet is being used on the same Screen.

In one of your collections, change the Item Click action to Show New Screen → This item

Hii, Actually I am using the Show new screen for both and using the This item. what to do ? My business problem require that solution to be in that way…

Sounds like you might be using the same custom action for both.
If you create a separate action for one of them, you should get a different screen.

exactly but to view differently on the basis of which user is logging in I am using this out.

If you want to show different views based on the identity of the signed in user, then you need to use visibility conditions.

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I used the action row and implemented the visibility condition but the problem is I want different filtered view accor. to the user but as I told you it is showing the same screen in both list, problem is still persistent.

It seems like we do need some screenshots to understand how you’re setting it up. Can you provide them for us?